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Rabbi Nydle has released his monumental work  " Origins of Evil" for a FREE pdf download.He believes this work is so important to his students, that it should be made available FREE to all students of the Torah. If you feel led to donate any amount for the book, please feel free to send a donation.


Do and Hear.pdf

The Greatest Deception Ever Sold.pdf


I HAVE A DREAMfull.pdf

Beginner Torah #1Revised2010complete.pdf


Inner Exodus.pdf

Best of.pdf

The links above will allow you to download  FREE pdf e-books.

One is "Beginner Torah Lessons" by Rabbi Nydle.It is an excellent tool for study groups, especially people who are new to the concept of Hebraic thought and Scripture interpretation.Feel free to download , print, and copy this book.Our FREE gift to you

We also offer the FREE Basic Kabbalah Book  for the Beginner student of Kabbalah.

Feel free to download and print the FREE "Haggadah" for your Pesach Seder.It has been written by the Rav and recently updated.

These are all FREE and our FREE gift to you for visiting the website

Look for other books by Rabbi Nydle on the order link on the left.